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  1. Start a Leadership Learning Community, Organizations and small groups of leaders are creating their own opportunities for GLS year round. Lunch and learns with GLS topics… Leadership Development sessions in weekly staff meetings with GLSNext video clips…. small groups of leaders with discussions around speakers books and content that keep the ideas and learning alive year round. Let is know about your LLC and if you need resources or help
  2. To give online to the GLS in Myanmar, click here and note “Myanmar” in the comments
  3. To watch, share or just get more information on the local film from Evansville neighborhoods, go to Left Turn Films
  4. If your a church leader, you can find more resources on connecting to learning resources in the tristate by going to
  5. Tell us about your debrief. How did you process your GLS takeaways with your team?
  6. GLS Notes: Here are some notes from various web sources. Check back for more as they develop.

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Next year’s dates are August 9th and 10th, 2018.



Our thanks to The Welborn Baptist Foundation for making the Global Leadership Summit possible in the Tristate at the Old National Events Plaza and the Preston Arts Center.



From Tristate GLS Attendees…..Out of the three GLS events that I’ve attended over the past six years this was hands down the most impacting yet! Every speaker in their respective areas of expertise was challenging and motivational with the best of pragmatic approaches for excellence in leadership. It was a super-charge for the batteries of our organizations’ staff and board members who attended.-Scott A. Bailes-Lead Chaplain, Jurisdiction 40-Vanderburgh, Warrick, Henderson


The Global Leadership Summit is not just an event to attend, it’s a resource to be leveraged. And this year we want to challenge leaders in the Tristate to take their leadership skills to new levels by leveraging what they learned.

First, our challenge was to capture your Top 5 Actionable Ideas. We know that the two days of GLS content in like drinking from a fire hose of ideas and it can be tempting to leave inspired, but lack movement forward. Our challenge to you is to create a Top 5 actionable idea list from all the things you hear from the Summit faculty.

Second, we want to challenge you to debrief your top 5 with your staff, co workers or trusted friends. Let them help you process what implementing these ideas looks like in your organization or daily environment. Share what speakers and ideas influenced you and if you came with your team, let them share what they took away. The potential for leadership conversations all over the Tristate is enough to have significant impact.

Third, consider enrolling in a GLSNext Growth Track. Through the GLSNext mobile app, they have created a series of topical tracks with custom content from this year and previous years of Summits including strategic delivery via email to keep you in learning mode year round. After the GLS you can go online to select one or multiple tracks to help you build your leadership capacity. Go to for more information.

And Fourth, we want to engage in or create a Leadership Learning Community(LLC). Organizations and small groups of leaders are creating their own opportunities for GLS year round. Lunch and learns with GLS topics… Leadership Development sessions in weekly staff meetings…. discussions around speakers books and content that keep the ideas and learning alive year round. Start your own LLC and tell us about it.  Tell us about your LLC


Tell us about your debrief

How are you processing your GLS takeaways with your team?

“….In past years, we came up with a lot of organizational ideas, but it was interesting that this year people seemed to be impacted on a more personal level that wasn’t necessary work related. I know we kind of go to the GLS with a “work focus”, but I was glad to hear that this year it seemed to really hit our team and challenge them on a more personal life level. It helped make me realize that having our personal life in order is important and that will make an impact on the rest of our lives (including work)”
….Business Leader
“….Our staff is having an amazing time unpacking what we learned at GLS and practicing our SMART goal work with regard to implementation. Several places of significant impact here but 3 of the top ones at present are that Marsha’s Place is taking our work with our high school volunteers up a notch with a “Table 18 Initiative” taken from Bill Hybels’ story about the calling out the strengths of the waitress and investing in her.  We can’t wait to see what comes from this effort. Our faith-based culture is being more firmly rooted in intercession and discernment and the discussion our staff has had about “white space” and the opportunity “to think the un-thunk thought” is becoming part of our journey.  The staff decided we will not plan around this point of GLS impact but rather seek out its meaning to each of us individually through intercession and discernment and discover rather than plan collectively the impact that God intends for this to have on our organization. The 3-Joys was a popular impact point as well. Our staff is building this into their closing moments with clients as a point to help them celebrate the positives in life. Cool ideas around implementation and follow-up developing here too”…. Darla Jones, Marsha’s Place-Henderson
A local Evansville business that brought 19 to this year’s GLS…”We do two things as a debrief:…we have a fall/winter book club, we pitch ideas on a “team favorite” book from the GLS and then go thru it in the book club. But also each month in our leadership team meeting, we discuss excerpts from our favorite speaker. We also typically purchase the complete team edition(or GLSNext Premier) and watch short clips.”

Tristate Support for the Global Leadership Summit in Myanmar

As we shared at the GLS, the Tristate region supports the distribution of the Global Leadership Summit in the country of Myanmar…supporting leaders that have limited resources, but capacity to improve their churches, their cities and their country.

With the support of the Tristate, the GLS in Myanmar has grown to over 2000 leaders 6 cities across the country. You can give to the Global Fund for Myanmar by going online to  (Please note on your online gift “Myanmar” in the comment section.)


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